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Running Stitch - Umeå (2009)

Running Stitch - Yokohama (2008)

Running Stitch - Dundee (2008)

Worm Hole (2008)

Join (2007)

Kite Drawings (2007)

Banff Souvenir Scarf (2007)

Scaling the Mountain (2007)

Cyanotypes (2007)

Running Stitch (Brighton) (2006)

Shroedingers Tracks (2006)

Landlines (2003-2006)

Ebb & Flow: Cardiff (2005)

Time & Tide: Cardigan(2005)

Satellite Bureau: Cardigan (2005)

Satellite Bureau: Regina (2005)

Distance Made Good:
Flow Lines

Distance Made Good:
Field Study

Distance Made Good (2002)









Hamilton & Southern have developed a collaborative working practice between Canada and the UK. They are currently interested in how technologies such as satellite navigation can be used to explore a sense of place through movement. Participatory research and active involvement with audiences are central to their practice whether it is through workshops, residencies or exhibitions.

Hamilton & Southern both have a background in sculpture and installation and in their collaborative work explore how intangible processes such as satellite navigation and perception of place can be transformed into physical and tactile installations.


Beside Ourselves, Sometimes by Kris Cohen


Walk by Annie Gerin


Satellites by Derek Hales


Distance Made Good by Annabel Longbourne


Memory Maps by Emma Posey


Distance Made Good: Installations using GPS to chart local topographies Hamilton & Southern


Unfeasible Symmetry Hamilton & Southern (AN Magazine article)


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