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Running Stitch - Umeå (2009)

Running Stitch - Yokohama (2008)

Running Stitch - Dundee (2008)

Worm Hole (2008)

Join (2007)

Kite Drawings (2007)

Banff Souvenir Scarf (2007)

Scaling the Mountain (2007)

Cyanotypes (2007)

Running Stitch (Brighton) (2006)

Shroedingers Tracks (2006)

Landlines (2003-2006)

Ebb & Flow: Cardiff (2005)

Time & Tide: Cardigan(2005)

Satellite Bureau: Cardigan (2005)

Satellite Bureau: Regina (2005)

Distance Made Good:
Flow Lines

Distance Made Good:
Field Study

Distance Made Good (2002)









Hamilton & Southern have worked with Onteca Ltd to produce a collaborative mapping tool for mobile phones. Mutually beneficial to the company and the artists this partnership produced the software that was at the core of the Running Stitch exhibition, and has been used extensively for workshops with architects, city planners, multimedia designers, artists and members of the public.

For a full account of the project and to download the software go to:

A sister software called 'Sharelines' is in development which will allow the artists to collaborate on drawings from distant locations.



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